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Unilever North Africa Levant & Iraq team

Uniway Competition

Are you a student or a fresh graduate? Interested in an adventure of a lifetime?

Calling all youth in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, and Jordan! Get ready for a unique journey with Uniway!

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What is Uniway?

Uniway is Unilever North Africa and Levant's creative business competition. Uniway offers a unique learning experience and gives you a glimpse of how theory applies itself in the real world through learning from experience! Jumpstart your career and learn more about the FMCG world and our Unilever brands. Get ready to feel empowered and make a personal impact!

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How it Works:

Step 1: Apply using the form

  • Form a team of 3 members
  • Choose a name for your team
  • Upload your details and fill out the form
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Please see below the timelines of the competition.

  • January 10th

    Applications Open

  • February 15th

    Applications Deadline

  • February 18th

    Announcement of Shortlisted Team(s)

  • February 20th, 21st and 27th

    Local Rounds Per Country

  • April

    Regional Cup in Egypt

  • TBA

    Teams to compete in London

Rules & FAQs:

What are the tasks at Uniway like?

At Uniway you will be provided with business case studies and will be asked to prepare presentations of our business. Participants from all academic/STEM disciplines are welcome to join, but you will need to apply a basic understanding of business areas (e.g. Marketing and Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Business Strategy) when working on the business case.

Is Uniway only for students from specific faculties or specific majors?

No. It is a competition for all undergraduates, postgraduates, or master’s students of universities in Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Algeria, and Jordan students who wish to apply must be above the age of 18.

Should all the team members be in the same class/ degree/ faculty/ university?

Students from different universities, classes, and different faculties or undergraduate, postgraduate, or master’s students may form a team.

Can we participate in Uniway as a team? Can we participate in Uniway individually?

You can participate in Uniway as a team of three. Individual applications are not admissible for this year’s competition.

Can we participate in Uniway as a team of two?

No. You can participate only as a team of three.

Can we change a team member in the Semi-Final or the Final?

No, you cannot remove/add a team member in any phase of the competition after completing your application.

Can I participate in the competition with more than one team?

No. You can be part of one team only.

Can I apply more than once?

No. Each participating team can only submit one application - which you will not be able to review and revise once you hit the submit button.

If I leave the page without hitting the submit button, will my information and my answers be saved until my next visit to the page?

You must answer all the questions at once and submit them accordingly. If you hit the submit button with missing answers, you will be scored based on the questions you answered only.

We are having difficulty accessing the Internet. Can we submit after the deadline?

No. You must submit before the deadline.

I participated in the previous Unilever competitions; Can I participate in this one?

Yes, you can.

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