Sara El Battouty

Senior Advisor to Egypt Govt. on Sustainable Community Development and Founder of EConsult company

Sara El Battouty profile picture

Sarah El Battouty is a global award winning architect with 18 years’ experience in the field of Green and Environmental Buildings and Sustainable Development. Sarah is the founder of one of Egypt’s unique Environmental Design, training and strategy company ECOnsult who have achieved the highest number of energy saving certified projects in Egypt by an Egyptian consultant. Her design work spans from Egypt to Italy and China focusing on partnering with the private sector and government on implementing green projects with social impact. She is also an entrepreneur that founded another unique start-up in Egypt that specializes in transforming scrap waste into luxury high-end sustainable furniture.

MuBun Sustainable Furniture is currently exporting. In 2014 Sarah was appointed as a senior Advisor to the Egyptian President focusing on sustainable community development. Sarah received her BA in Architecture from the University of Cambridge, UK and has received a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development & Project Management from SOAS, UK and a Professional Degree in Climate Policy and Environment.

She has worked on several projects with the presidency adopted by government including introducing energy and water saving awareness programs into the media and education system as well the creation of a youth leadership program to empower youths to participate in the political process. Her focus has been Egypt’s environmental policy which culminated in the successful ratification of Egypt signing the Paris Climate Agreement and embarking on a nationwide program for energy saving as well as water scarcity awareness.

Sarah represents Egypt as an official in a variety of lectures and summits focusing on climate, housing and national security. She is now working to make environmental awareness and resource and natural heritage preservation entre the Egyptian curriculum with the Ministry of Education which she sees as a cause and passion.

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