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My Sustainable City – Photo Competition

We want to see your vision for the sustainable future of your city through your lens!

If you’re passionate about photography and enthusiastic about social and environmental change, submit your photo!

This competition offers students and graduates ages 18-25 the opportunity to capture via an image one aspect of sustainability in your city you would like to address. The photo needs to be supported by a written explanation of 500 words OR a video explanation of 90 seconds on the issue and the action that can be taken towards driving a sustainable solution to address it. The photos can show a direct or indirect contribution to a sustainable future, and participants are encouraged to include reflections from their COVID-19 experience pertaining to sustainability.

The top 3 finalist will receive monetary awards and may be supported to translate their sustainability idea into action as change catalysts.

Deadline for Submissions is March 31st 2021.

Please make sure you read the rules (link below) before submitting your photo(s) to the ‘Unilever – My Sustainable City Photo Competition’. By participating in the competition, you understand, acknowledge, and fully, irrevocably, and unconditionally agree to abide and be bound by them.

Click to download (PDF 347.09 KB) the application form and all terms & conditions.

Background on the “Building Back Better” Movement launched by Unilever MENA

COVID-19 has not only been a global health emergency but has triggered a massive economic, social, and humanitarian crisis. The MENA economy is estimated to have contracted by ~3.3% in 2020.

COVID-19 has also had a huge impact on all of you youth in terms of education, employment, mental health, and income. Accounting for two thirds of the region’s population, you will continue to shoulder many of the long-term economic and social consequences of this crisis.

You have the potential to become agents of change, acting for a more prosperous and stable future both for yourselves and your communities. But unleashing this potential requires education and empowerment.

As a company committed to making sustainable living commonplace, Unilever aims to support MENA Youth to become agents of change through a series of events and initiatives, inspiring & empowering you all to become sustainability influencers.

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