The company's statement: tablets in Lipton bags

Unilever is aware of a few videos circulating on social media primarily in the Middle East, originating mainly from Kuwait. The videos show a single Lipton tea bag that is cut open, after which a foreign body in the form of a medical tablet, appears.

Unilever takes this video very serious and is conducting a thorough internal and external investigation to find out its authenticity and origins.

We can already state that the machinery and technology in our factories, as well as the rigorous quality controls in place do not allow a tablet foreign body of this size or any other foreign body of this size to get into a tea bag. These are the grounds, therefore, to conclude that the tablet might have been inserted into the tea bag after Unilever production process or, alternatively, that the tea bag itself was produced by a non-authorised and unknown party who used Lipton trademark illegally.

Local narcotic control authorities have indicated that they are not aware of any incident of this kind. We are very keen to investigate, with the help of authorized control bodies, who did it and for what purpose. In case the investigation leads to malicious behaviour from individuals or parties, Unilever is considering all legal actions available.

We will keep you informed on the results of the investigation.



General Directorate of Narcotics Control (Ministry of Interior) confirmed that they haven’t received any communication regarding the status of drugs in tea bags, paper, citing not adjust any incident of this kind, and against the backdrop of a reported asylum some drug pushers to this method.

GDNC said that they have never received any communication or tuning or recording of any case where such methods have been used to hide the drugs."

They stressed the importance refer to the methods of calculation to figure out the criminals, and added: " everyone should refer to GDNC account, which publishes all related issues and methods of smuggling drugs and studies and related information."

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