Egypt Axe Apollo Space Contest Finalists Announced

Three Egyptians have qualified to participate in a trip to space, now they must travel to Orlando, USA to go through a number of final physical and psychological tests. 112 contestants from various countries will be present.

Delighted at their selection, the three contestants agreed that reaching the finals is only one step away from raising the Egyptian flag in space. This is a historical achievement considering the critical phase Egypt is going through. The contestants called on the media and the Egyptian people to support them in passing the final stage that will enable them to go into space.

The contestants also praised the innovative theme of the contest. Sponsored by Axe, in cooperation with the Apollo Space Program, the campaign aims to increase and encourage enthusiasm in the youth urging them to dream big, conveying a solid message of “anything is possible”.

Ms. Sherine Moneim Marketing Manager Personal Care, Unilever Mashreq, commented “At Unilever, we believe in playing a vital role in contributing to the revival of our communities a role that inspired us to launch the Axe Apollo Space Competition (AASA). The competition is meant to create unity amongst the youth while granting them an exceptional experience, stimulating their self-confidence and belief in their ability to surpass all challenges to reach a seemingly farfetched goal. 

Egypt is represented by three contestants who reached the finals. We are very optimistic that Egypt will be represented during the space trip itself as a shining beacon on one of the grandest stages.

Dr. Mosalem Shaltout, Professor of Space Research at the National Institute for Astronomical Research and Vice President of the Arab Federation of Space and Astronomy Science, added “I am really proud to participate in today’s ceremony where three Egyptian contestants made it to the finals of the space trip competition. Considering the unprecedented mental and physical capabilities of the Egyptian youth, as registered throughout history, it is time that Egypt takes this next step.

Egypt has been the first in the region to enter space via communication satellites and the satellite transmissions of the Egyptian Satellite Nile Sat 1 and Nile Sat 2. We also have the Egyptian Satellite Egypt Sat 1 being the first Egyptian satellite for remote sensing. We are currently preparing Egypt Satellite 2 to be launched for scientific research and remote sensing purposes. It is about time that Egypt leads the region again and is proud of the Egyptian youth who may be capable of raising the Egyptian flag in space.”

Dr. Mohamed Magdy Abdel Wahab, Director of Research and Consultation Center Space Science at Cairo University, confirmed “I am really impressed today to see the Egyptian youth participating in a scientific competition that enriches them beyond their mental, psychological and physical capabilities. I was previously concerned with the interest of Egyptian youth in developing their artistic skills with no equal attention given to scientific activities. I hope to see similar initiatives in the near future as today’s initiative is very innovative and gives us hope for an exciting future.”

Axe called upon the participants from different countries to take part in A.A.S.A setting up their own accounts on the website

The winning aspiring astronauts will be selected through competitive challenges based on training operations that will reflect whether the contestants are fit for space travel. The contestants will have to undertake three main tests; the first test is aboard a plane that will fly at twice the speed of sound.

The second is the G-Force test that measures the astronaut’s ability to safely withstand the enormous pressure. The third test will see them board a plane flying outside the normal gravity level to measure the contestant’s ability to adapt to the lack of gravity in space. These tests will be evaluated by a panel of judges who will also evaluate the mental abilities of the participants. For more information, please visit:

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