Why your smile is so special

A poor smile can make or break that all-important first impression, so if yours isn't at its brilliant best, it's time to take action.

Looks do count

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Although we'd all like to think we weren't that superficial, it's a fact that almost a third of us judge strangers primarily by their smiles. And for 40% of people, straight pearly teeth are the most important elements of a smile. There's a reason for this: your smile not only makes you look better, but it can be an indication of your health as well.

Get a celebrity smile

There are loads of teeth-whitening products on the market that claim to deliver that Hollywood-brilliant super-white smile, but choose carefully. Some will do the trick some of the time but others offer little more than an empty promise and can even damage your teeth.

Looking off-colour?

Your teeth can look a bit off-colour for a variety of reasons. If you're relatively young, there's a high probability that the discolouration will be due to stains, typically caused by a combination of inadequate brushing and what you've popped into your mouth. Tea, coffee and cigarettes are often the main culprits.

Whitening toothpaste, which includes increasingly sophisticated abrasives, will usually be able to remove these marks. However, always buy a reputable brand – some smaller brands can be highly abrasive and damage the protective coating of enamel on your teeth. Our Signal White System, Europe's leading tooth whitener, is just one example of a leading brand that's trusted by thousands.

Need a stronger solution?

Unfortunately, abrasive-based toothpastes won't make your teeth any whiter if the discolouration is due to age. Age-related yellowing of the teeth occurs when your enamel, which is translucent, gets thinner as you get older, revealing the brownish pulp at the centre of your teeth.

The only way to tackle age-related discolouration of the teeth is to bleach the pulp. In several countries there are a number of hydrogen peroxide-based gels and strips that do this effectively. Check with your dentist.

So for products that are clinically proven to protect and enhance your oral health 24 hours a day, find out more about Signal.

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