Haircare issues? Sunsilk has the answers

here's nothing quite like washing your hair if you want to feel relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. But can you do it too often? And should you comb your hair afterwards or leave it to dry naturally? Sunsilk has the answers.

Hair myths

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Disregard the old wives' tales. We expose some top hair myths!

Will my hair fallout if I shampoo everyday?

False. If your hair is susceptible to dirt and grime, do shampoo it every day for that squeaky clean look. Use a mild shampoo and rinse it off completely.

A hundred brush strokes are good for hair

False. Excessive brushing can put such stress on your hair that it splits, breaks or gets uprooted more easily. Brushing also stimulates the sebaceous glands which produce sebum or natural oil, and can make your hair lank and greasy.

A shampoo should be changed every now & then

Not necessarily. Many people feel that they must change their shampoo regularly because the hair 'gets used to it', but there's no evidence for this. It's more important to find a shampoo that suits your hair.

Hair shouldn't be combed when it's wet.

False. When hair is wet, water penetrates its shaft, so it swells and starts tangling with other hair. If wet hair is not combed, it will dry out tangled, and will be unmanageable and difficult to style. To set the hair and give it a smooth look, you must comb it when it is wet. But do it gently and be sure to use a wide-toothed comb.

Washing hair frequently is harmful.

False. You should wash your hair before it gets dirty. Otherwise, particles of grime could damage your hair when you comb it. Harsh products like soap can damage your hair, but a good shampoo with conditioner, like Sunsilk, will not only clean your hair, but will actually improve its condition – however often you wash it.

Shampoos must be diluted before being used.

You should never dilute any shampoo, least of all one with conditioner, because it will lose its effectiveness. On dilution, the conditioner separates from the shampoo and sticks to the sides of the bottle. So it never gets onto the hair.

Cutting hair will make it grow faster.

No! Hair will grow at the same rate whether it is cut or not. However, trimming the tips of the hair every eight weeks will get rid of split ends and make you hair growth smoother.

Oil massages are good for your hair. Find out how!

It's the massage that relaxes you and not the oil. It stimulates the circulation in the scalp and that’s what makes you feel relaxed. There’s no basis for any of the other claims.

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