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Rexona gives you the confidence to handle whatever the day has in store because you know your deodorant won't let you down.

What makes Rexona tick?

They happen every day. Those unexpected moments when the adrenalin starts to pump and the sweat starts to flow. With Rexona's unique body-responsive technology, which releases extra protection as you need it, you'll know that your deodorant won't let you down. Better still, everyone can enjoy this peace of mind as Rexona is the only deodorant tailored to the needs of both sexes, with separate product ranges for each.

A trusted partner that will soon celebrate its 100th birthday

Rexona was originally created in Australia in 1908 by a pharmacist and his wife. Since then it has led the field by providing consumers with cutting-edge technology that’s been proven to deliver outstanding results.

Pioneerıng bigger, better results

In addition to our proprietary body-responsive technology, we've also been the first company to introduce Rexona Crystal, a product that eliminates the unsightly white deposits on dark garments commonly associated with aerosols and sticks. Rexona is now present in Europe, North America and Latin America. And the revolutionary new Rexona for Men range addresses men's very particular physiological needs.

Key facts

World's largest deodorant in sales and market shares

Number 1 position across more than half the world

Proprietary body-responsive technology

The only brand tailored to the individual needs of men and women

One of the fastest growing brands in Unilever Arabia

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