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Lux Sunlight is the magical alternative to ordinary dishwashing.

Lux Sunlight has been making hygiene and cleanliness affordable around the world since the 1880s.

Unilever founder William Hesketh Lever launched the Sunlight Soap brand in the UK in 1885. At the time, Victorian England was plagued by poverty and ill health, and he wanted to revolutionize hygiene, bringing it within the reach of ordinary people.

The power of natural ingredients

Formulated with fresh lemon extracts to cut through grime and grease, Lux Sunlight harnessed the power of natural ingredients.

The power of lemons has been the secret to Lux Sunlight’s degreasing power for decades and lemons are still a key ingredient in the formula. We also use other natural products, such as lime, vinegar and green tea to maximize the results, and minimize the number of chemicals in our products and in the environment.

Sunlight was the world’s first packaged, branded laundry soap – and now it’s available across four continents, sold as Vim, Quix and Svelto. It also lent its name to Unilever’s Port Sunlight research and development site, created by William Hesketh Lever in 1888.

Sustainabiltity: Lux Sunlight bottles are 100% recyclable, saving plastic 2,000 tons/year = 286 million plastic bags

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