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Lipton is one of the world's great refreshment brands, making a big splash in the global beverages market with tea-based drinks including leaf tea, infusions, ready-to-drink tea.

“Besides taste and habit, there is another important reason people drink tea. When we are not feeling ‘on top of our game’ or just need to take a moment to ‘clear our head’ – it’s certainly time to reach for a cup of your favourite tea.

For centuries, tea drinkers have associated their favourite brew with a moment of ‘wellbeing’, a catch up with friends, a social activity, or a quiet moment alone.

In fact, Sir Isaac Newton is said to have been drinking a cup of tea at the moment when he discovered the universal law of gravity!

All tea (Black, Green, Oolong and White) comes from the same tree –Camellia sinensis. The different types of tea come from the different ways of processing the leaves.

Tea is 99% water and is a great source of hydration. It is actually one of the second best drinks for hydration after water (Popkin et al, 2006). Proper hydration is essential for general health and wellbeing, including mental performance.

Furthermore, tea is a 0 calorie drink when consumed without milk and sugar, so it counts in the daily hydration requirements without adding to the calories.

Various benefits have been associated with regular tea drinking, including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke as well better fat oxidation and body composition.

Most of these benefits are attributed to tea flavonoids, which are plant polyphenols. Flavonoids are found in citrus fruits, berries, onions and soya, although 61% of dietary flavonoids in Western populations come from black tea (Hertog et al, 1993).

Until a decade ago, the alleged mental benefits of tea were anecdotal. But recently, scientists have started to underpin the relationship between tea and attention. Specifically, scientists have conducted research on the beneficial cognitive effects of tea, with a focus on ‘attention’.

This is because:

Tea is a great source of hydration. Proper hydration is essential for general health and wellbeing, including mental performance.

Drinking 2-3 cups of black tea within 90 minutes improves attention and feelings of alertness; the tea ingredients caffeine and theanine are thought to be responsible for these mental benefits.

Tea contains around half the amount of caffeine as filtered or brewed coffee. Even with up to seven cups a day, caffeine levels from tea are usually well within recommended guidelines , provided caffeine isn’t consumed from any other sources.

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