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Lifebuoy's goal is to provide affordable and accessible hygiene and health solutions that enable people to lead a life without fear of hygiene anxieties and health consequences.

Improvıng health & hygiene for over 100 years

Lifebuoy is one of Unilever's oldest brands, a brand that was truly 'global' before the term 'global brand' was invented. Lifebuoy Royal Disinfectant Soap was originally launched in 1894 as an affordable new product in the UK. Soon after launch, Lifebuoy soap traveled across the world, reaching consumers in the Middle East in their quest for better hygiene.

Lifebuoy saves life

Consistent in Lifebuoy's 110+ year history has been its championing of health through hygiene. The brand's core promise of protection and a commitment to support life through unbeatable protection is at the heart of the brand name itself – Lifebuoy, the guarantee of protection when you are threatened.

A helping hand

According to the World Health Organisation, diarrhoea is the single largest cause of preventable death, killing 2.2 million people every year. In 2003, it killed 600 000 children aged under five in India alone. It's been estimated that if everyone washed their hands properly at key times during the day, up to half of all childhood deaths from diarrhoea – more than one million children – could be avoided.

Handwashing day

Unilever NAME plays a very active role in educating children, on October 15th, 2009, Global handwashing day was celebrated across NAME and in Moroco Volunteers from Unilever Maghreb celebrated the Handwashing Day with the children of the orphanage of Bernoussi. They animated 2 awareness sessions for 80 children where they explained the importance of handwashing with soap to prevent a lot of diseases as well as demonstrations of how to wash hands effectively.

Children were also offered bags with Lifebuoy soap, branded tee-shirts, colouring pencils and paper to encourage them to participate to the drawing competition.

The drawings received from them for the competition were amazing. The awareness sessions were very useful because we felt through their drawings that they have been very attentive to the presentation and that the message has been really understood.

Did you know?

Lifebuoy has always played a role in times of crisis, helping to prevent the spread of germs and disease:

  • During the Blitz of London in 1940, Lifebuoy soap provided free emergency mobile washing facilities to Londoners. Lifebuoy vans were equipped with hot showers, soap and towel
  • In the aftermath of the Tsunami in Asia in December 2004, Lifebuoy bars were a key element in the relief packages distributed in Southern India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases so endemic in the aftermath of such disasters
  • In 2005 over 200 000 bars of Lifebuoy soap were donated to UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross to support their earthquake relief operations in Northern India and Pakistan


  • Since 2000, major changes have been made to the classic Lifebuoy soap bar to ensure that it provides improved hygiene protection and a more enjoyable healthy washing experience for its billions of consumers.
  • Lifebuoy soap's classic hard red brick shape has been replaced with a new signature Lifebuoy shape. The new shape makes the bar easier to grip and use
  • The Lifebuoy Brand team have developed a new formulation providing even better germ protection which creates a rich lather on the skin
  • Lifebuoy soap's characteristic medicated, carbolic smell has been replaced with a more enjoyable and contemporary 'health' fragrance
  • Lifebuoy has become more than just a red bar of soap – today the brand provides hygiene and health solutions for families, including a range of bar soaps, hand wash liquids and liquid shower gels.

Key facts

Today Lifebuoy is sold in Asia and parts of Africa. It is market leader in every Asian market where it is sold

Lifebuoy soap has been proven in laboratories to provide 100% more effective germ protection than ordinary soaps

To date, 70 million people in rural India alone have experienced Lifebuoy's pioneering Health Education programme – the single largest private hygiene education programme in the world

In 2005, Lifebuoy was awarded a 'Citizen Brand' accolade in Indonesia in recognition of the work the brand has undertaken in hand wash education

Nearly half of the Lifebuoy brand's consumption is in rural Asia, where most of the population live on less than US$1 per day

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