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At Knorr, we want people to enjoy good food, any day, any time.

Good food matters

Knorr believes that good food matters. It adds untold pleasure to our lives. And everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. Food is not just fuel, it really is the glue of life. This conviction lies at the heart of Knorr's success - it is Unilever's no. 1 brand.

Passion for flavour

A passion for good food goes right back to Knorr's earliest days. The business was formed in 1838, when founder Carl Heinrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavour and nutritional value.

Since then Knorr has become an international brand offering a wide range of bouillons, soups, seasonings, sauces, soupy snacks, dressings and frozen and ready-made meals.

Our chefs

Knorr products owe their tastes and flavours to the culinary skills of its chefs. Knorr embodies a truly global cuisine, which began when the globe-trotting sons of its founder started importing new ideas from overseas. The tradition stands today and Knorr's drive for innovation still centres around its original factory in Heilbronn where international teams of chefs contribute to product innovation. We also make sure to cater for the tastes of our consumers in the Middle East with unique recipes.

New ideas

Consumers see Knorr as a passport to world cuisine, adding new ideas and new twists to old favourites. Knorr has the history and knowledge to move effortlessly between cuisines and countries.

Did you know?

Soup is at the heart of good food and good nutrition - and the heart of Knorr. Soup naturally enjoys a healthy nutritional profile, can help you increase your daily consumption of vegetables and will help you look good, feel good and keep fit. Did you know, for instance, that people who eat more soup tend to have:

A lower Body Mass Index

Lower fat intake

Lower energy intake per day

Better cholesterol values

Better nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Soup is a nourishing dish offering an almost primitive comfort. That is why Knorr will continue to create delicious soups, based on its long experience of producing soups of all kinds and flavours.


Knorr continues to innovate in soups, with new recipes and varieties. Knorr soup bars are also being rolled out in restaurants, canteens, bistros and quick service restaurants. Other recent innovations include Cubitos seasonings, meal kits with new flavours such as Mexican Burritos and Japanese Terriyaki, and Knorr frozen dishes.

Now, thanks to Knorr, people all around the world have the chance to get more fruit and vegetables into their diets. Our delicious new Knorr Vie shot – made from concentrated fruit and vegetable juices and purees – provides half of our daily fruit and vegetable requirements. Designed as an ideal supplement to your daily fresh food intake, Knorr Vie shots contain no added sugar, salt, oil or fat, extra vitamins, preservatives, E-numbers, artificial aromas, color or taste additives.

Key facts

Knorr is a trusted and popular brand, recognised and appreciated all around the world:

It's Unilever's no. 1 brand, with annual sales of more than €3 billion

Knorr products are currently sold in more than 80 countries and it is growing fast beyond its European heartland, particularly in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia

In Germany, more than a billion salads are served with Knorr 'Salatkronung' dressing mixes each year

The Knorr logo contains the original signature of Carl Heinrich Knorr, the founder of the company

In Egypt, the Fine Foods Knorr brand is market leader with strong local heritage and understanding of the Egyptian cooking & eating habits.

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