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Jif in more than 50 countries around the world.

In more than 50 countries around the world, millions of people rely on Jif’s range of everyday cleaning products to keep their kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, floors and surfaces clean.

From silver-hued creams for bringing out the shine in stainless steel, to oxygen-based fizzing bleach sprays which lift dirt effectively without damaging surfaces, the Jif range provides reliable cleaning power & superior care for every single part of the home.

Whether you need to give the oven an overhaul, sort out soap scum in the shower, shift stubborn stains on your surfaces or get rid of grease, there’s a Jif solution that can get the job done fast and easy.

Across the globe it’s also known as Cif, Viss and Handy Andy.

Jif’s gentle but effective cream cleaners were first launched in France in 1969, replacing abrasive powder formulations. Since then the brand has gone global and our innovations have included sprays, creams and liquids with one thing in common – they’re all strong when it comes to battling tough stains, yet gentle on surfaces.

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