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Good Morning

Good Morning offers consumers great value products that use natural ingredients to enhance how they look and feel.

Good morning's natural range for everyone

Good Morning soap was launched in November 1996 and since then it has become one of the key brands in the portfolio of Unilever Mashreq and the clear leader of the toilet soap market in Egypt.

Good Morning soap captures the goodness of nature and transfers it into a unique bar of soap. Enriched with pure natural moisturizers, Good Morning leaves your skin smooth and soft while its refreshing scent lingers with you all day long.In addition to its benefits to the skin, it is also commonly used in rural areas for washing the hair as it contains natural mositurizers and glycerine.

With smooth and soft skin, you feel bright and cheerful and your inherent good nature blossoms, allowing you to better connect with your world like you have never done before.

Did you know?

Good Morning is the number one soap in the Egyptian market.

The affordability, optimistic image and natural ingredients of the brand have helped it become one of the most trusted mass market brands in Egypt.


Good Morning variants are inspired by natural ingredients and include: Rose, Olive Oil, Cactus, Fruit Extracts, and Honey.

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