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Domestos kills all known germs everywhere, making it a must-have, to keep your home hygienic

With Domestos, you can say goodbye to germs. Thick and long-lasting, Domestos kills all known germs dead – whether they’re in and around the toilet, or hiding in dirt and limescale.

Domestos bleach is powerful and quick-acting to cut through stains and grime, destroying the germs within. Its directable pack and long-lasting germ kill formula mean that you can target germs and keep them away for longer than with thin bleaches.

During the 1950s Domestos started to get involved in health education campaigns to encourage polio vaccination. In the 1960s Domestos was acquired by Unilever and the famous Domestos Thick Bleach was successfully launched, gaining international expansion.

But Domestos has come a long way since it started as a bottled bleach. The range now includes: liquid thick bleach and spray, limescale removers with unique fragrances and properties and fragranced toilet rim blocks.

'Germ Kill' expert

So Domestos provides a wide range of products to address all toilet cleaning needs, becoming a ‘germ kill’ expert.

In fact, different problems in the toilet need different products, and Domestos has all the right weapons in its range to fight them:

  • Thick Bleach kills germs that hide above and below the waterline and it removes organic soils, urine stains and moulds.
  • Limescale Removers, special products with an acid base, to fight against limescale and rust.
  • Solid rim blocks to provide you with a burst of hygiene, freshness and fragrance
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