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Consort For Men

Consort: for men who want their hair to look right – without a lot of extra fuss. Never stiff, never sticky, without flowery fragrances or unnatural feel. Just regular hair products for regular guys.

Work, play, hang out - and stay lookıng good

It's a simple ambition: neat, clean hair that stays that way whatever you are doing. Regular guys aren't looking for something that makes their hair create a stir, just a product they can trust to keep their hair under control. Not stickyor stiff and without flowery fragrances. Consort has been making men's grooming products since 1965. They work.

All weathers, all places, all people

There are times when a man wants to look neat and tidy, and times when he is more relaxed. That isn't rocket science, and it doesn't take a 'unique formulation' or a 'pro-vitamin blend' to do it. Consort products help match guys' hairstyle to their environment. Neat, natural looking hair that feels great and stays that way no matter what activities you have got planned. They cope with the wind and rain, with sports, with the workplace, with hanging out. They won't let you down with all day hold. And they mean men can look good wherever they are.

Did you know?

Are you a regular guy? Regular guys have a look, style and attitude all their own. Never phony, always real. Find out with our Regular Guy Test.


Available in the Men’s Grooming section. Regular Hold, Extra Hold, Unscented Extra Hold and Non Aerosol Unscented Extra Hold Hairsprays.

Key facts

We've produced a hairstyle handbook to help regular guys get what they want out of their hair.

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