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Comfort makes your clothes feel and smell amazing - so your whole family can live life in Comfort and flourish!

Comfort understands how to look after your family and their clothes best. Comfort helps you share an extra dose of love with the family everyday through clothes that smell, feel and look their best. Comfort helps you by giving longer lasting freshness, gorgeous fragrances, and unbeatable softness. A 750 ml Comfort Concentrate bottle gives you the same number of washes as a 2L Comfort Dilute bottle. Not only does Comfort Concentrates range give you the same number of washes.

Comfort offers exciting range of floral fragrances to suit your needs. There are 3 different types of fragrances which are:

Comfort Essence - comprises of millions of magic capsules that release a burst of fragrance every time you move, leaving you feeling fresh with every move you make.

Comfort Creations - created by world’s leading fragrance experts. Each of our fabric conditioners comes with a fabulous blend of floral fragrances. Each Comfort Creation has been blended to give freshness that lasts, lasts, and lasts.

Comfort Baby - soft and gentle, just like your baby’s skin. Comfort Baby’s hypoallergenic formula is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin

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