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An all-new shampoo that effectively eliminates your dandruff with every wash.

Dandruff, the bane of every man & woman

For every man & woman who's had to switch to a lighter-coloured jacket even though it clashed with her outfit, for every man & woman who refuses to stand under the black lights in the club –Clear Anti-Dandruff shampoo was created for you. We understand that before that perfect date, before that big presentation, or simply before you step out of the house – the last thing you want are flecks on your shoulders.

We understand that men’s scalp are different and are prone to dandruff, and that is we why we have developed a specific formula designed to eliminate dandruff for male scalps.

Clearly, we have a winner

The new Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains ClearTech technology along with the ingredients ZPT, Climbazole and scalp care agents to work on both your scalp and hair. ClearTEch is a combination of amino acid and Vitamin E to strengthen and nourish the scalp, while Climbazole is an anti-dandruff agent that helps to eliminate dandruff and prevent it from coming back when used as recommended. This means that even if you don’t have dandruff, it will prevent it and keep your scalp and hair healthy and beautiful.

Caring for different scalp & hair types

Clear is for those who want extra nourishment for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. If you enjoy your baths cool and refreshing, Clear Ice Cool & Cool Sport will keep you tingling with a fresh sensation. For relief from scalp irritation, Clear Itch & Dry Scalp Control moisturizes to help eliminate itch and dryness. 

To prevent hair-fall and breakage, Clear Hair Fall Decrease & Defense is your innovative answer for strong strands. The best part of all these choices is that they all offer the complete dandruff solution. And finally, we have Clear Complete Soft Care for those who want more softness, even more than the regular beauty shampoo.

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