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Close Up is the original youth oral care brand of Unilever Arabia and Middle East. It is one of the first brands targeting youth in the oral care market globally, with an edgy and youthful image which stays relevant till date.

A unique oral care brand for up-close situations

Unlike the typical opaque, mint-flavored toothpaste of the time, Close Up debuted in 1967 as a clear red gel with a spicy cinnamon taste and mouthwash right in the toothpaste. A unique brand identity was developed, with Close-Up positioned as the toothpaste that gives people confidence in those very "up close and personal" situations.

Couples with bright smiles in very "close" situations were featured on the packaging, and commercials depicted youthful adults blowing kisses at each other.

The idea of a toothpaste that could give them fresh breath, white teeth and, subsequently, a little extra self-confidence and sex appeal provided instant appeal to consumers. Over the years, Close-Up briefly flirted with a few variations, from a green mint-flavored version to a trendy clear gel.

In 2006, Close-up Limited Edition launch in Arabia redefined the toothpaste market with its unique new flavors: Choco-loko, Tangerine Burst, and Lychee.  It brought excitement and life into the rather boring toothpaste category and helped the brand achieve record sales and shares. One thing remains constant: Close-up is still symbolized by attractive white smiles in very close situations.

Key facts

  • First toothpaste in US to combine mouthwash and toothpaste in one formula
  • First gel toothpaste in the world
  • The Fouride in Close Up called monofluorophospate, makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to delay. It also strengthens teeth, which aids in repairing early delay before the damage can even be seen.
  • Close-Up is the number 2 brand in the GCC

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  • Some four billion people around the world use Signal and Close Up toothpastes to keep their teeth whiter, brighter and stronger.

  • Brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily instead of just once can reduce the risk of tooth decay in children by 50% - so it’s important to brush morning and night.

  • Dentists recommend we brush our teeth for three minutes. Try listening to – or singing – your favourite pop song as you brush to get the timing right!

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